Swivel High Temperature Reinforced resin Caster Stainless steel

Swivel High Temperature Reinforced resin Caster Stainless steel


Reinforced resin casters with stainless steel (AISI 304) components. Especially indicated to stand high temperatures, from -30°C/+280°C (-22°F/536°F) and high-loads up to 100kg (221lb).
It is used in: furnaces and light machinery. Mainly used in the industrial sector, aeronautic sector and automobile factories, food industry, vending machines, bakery machines, light machinery, containers and stainless steel constructions.
Suitable for mechanical engineering projects by craftsmen and project executors.
TD: resin caster. Indicated to the industrial sectors.

* The wheel diameter in Inches indicated in each row is only approximate and referential. To see the precise diameter in Inches please refer to the corresponding PDF drawing.

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Stainless Steel AISI 304 Swivel-Phenolic Resin Wheel.High Temperature -30°C/+280°C -22°F/536°F .Diam 80mm 3in Nominal capacity 100kg (221lb)

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Plate dimensions
Outside bolt hole spacing
Inside bolt hole spacing
Hole Diameter
80 mm
3 in*
100 kg
221 lb
34 mm
1.34 in
105x80 mm
4-1/8in x 3-5/32in
86x60 mm
3-3/8in x2-3/8in
80x60 mm
3-1/4in x2-3/8in
8 mm
0.31 in
110 mm
4.33 in
77 mm
3.03 in

Technical data
Metric(Millimeter) Imperial(Inches) Specs Sheet
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Additional information

Weight 1.32 lbs
Dimensions 4.33 × 4.55 × 3.15 in