Ball Bearing Fixed Mount Zinc Plated Casters Steel center and cast polyurethane tire

Ball Bearing Fixed Mount Zinc Plated Casters Steel center and cast polyurethane tire


Casters with steel center and cast polyurethane tire with a hardness of 95º Shore A, especially indicated to support high-loads up to 800kg (1764lb).
It is used in: logistics transport tools, outdoor areas, carbody factories, internal logistics, movile platforms, elevating platforms, containers, logistics for military missions material, mobile cranes, elevating tables, carts, equipments and industrial areas.
Suitable for mechanical engineering projects by draftsmen and project executors.
HU: heavy duty. High absorption to impacts. Unfavourable flooring surfaces conditions. Rough surfaces, broken, with metallic shavings, oil stains, glasses, grease and gravel.

* The wheel diameter and all other measures expressed in Inches, or other imperial units, are only approximate and referential. Precise measurements are expressed in millimeters or metric units.

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Zinc Plated Swiv/Brake-Ball Bearing HD Caster-steel centre w cast polyurethane-Diam 200mm (8in Nominal) capacity 800kg (1764lb)

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Plate dimensions
Outside bolt hole spacing
Inside bolt hole spacing
Hole Diameter
200 mm
8 in*
800 kg
1764 lb
50 mm
2 in*
139x110 mm
5-15/32in x4-5/16in
110x84 mm
4-5/16in x3-5/16in
98x66 mm
3-7/8in x2-5/8in
10 mm
0.39 in
251 mm
9.88 in
155 mm
6.1 in

Technical data
Metric(Millimeter) Imperial(Inches) Specs Sheet
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Additional information

Weight 11.46 lbs
Dimensions 9.88 × 7.87 × 4.57 in